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Mark Taylor is a successful senior manager and consultant. Mark has helped companies of all sizes achieve their objectives and be successful. This has included turning numerous ideas into multi-million dollar projects with large corporate clients. 

Mark's work has been recognized nationally and his network stretches around the world. Mark has a talent for identifying innovative ideas and strategically turning those ideas into success stories that secure the capital and global media attention required to be sucessful. 


How we help

Press releases

A unique ability to get press is what started the company. We create press releases that guarantee media coverage and create results.


Our videos will engage your audience and help you achieve your objectives.


We have the network and the tools required to help you find the right deal for your business.

Raise Capital

We know how to raise capital. We have a network of thousands of investors who have invested over $500 million to date.


Josh ogden, avss

In a quick turnaround, Mark was able to understand our value proposition, help develop a strategic plan and point us to the partners that could derive value from working alongside AVSS.